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Euroleague Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association

The ESCCA is the official association of the strength and conditioning coaches that are currently members or were employed in the past by teams competing in the Euroleague. Its goals are:

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Performance Consultants

To be the official partner of Euroleague in matters related to players performance and health by providing scientific knowledge and experience from the field.
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Professional Support

To offer professional support, enhance and promote its members' careers.
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Strength & Conditioning

Improve and enhance the professional status of Europe's elite basketball strength and conditioning coaches.
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Basketball performance

To be the leaders in basketball performance training education, bridging the gap between science and practice.
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Member Development

To improve the knowledge of its members, so that they can better support their teams and players.
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To support and positively impact local communities.
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Mission Statement

The ESCCA will use its global reach to share its members' knowledge and experience to promote the advancement of basketball strength and conditioning worldwide



Please stay tuned for current and future events.

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Stay tuned for future events

Featured Coaches

Justas Grainys - Strength and Conditioning Coach - ESCCA

Justas Grainys

/ FC Barcelona Basketball

Justas Grainys is an Athletic Performance coach of FC Barcelona Basketball since 2020 where he won several titles in the Spanish league and had two appearances in final of the Euroleague Final Four.

Juan-Trapero-Strength and Conditioning coach

Juan Trapero

/ Real Madrid Basketball

Juan Trapero is currently the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid, a position that he has held for a total of eighteen years.

Jairo Vasquez - Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jairo Vasquez

/ FC Barcelona Basketball

Jairo Vázquez is currently the strength and conditioning coach for the Barcelona Basketball Professional Team, being in charge of player physical performance and load monitoring.

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4th ESCCA Summit

Τhe Euroleague Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, with the support of Czech Basketball, is proud to present the 4th ESCCA Summit, to be hosted at the beautiful city of Prague.